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Going gearless - Blog by Pradyumna

I was left really saddened when my time with the sidewinder was over and I had to give the bike to TBA. I was beginning to enjoy winning it over. It came after a few trials, but I learnt some more of myself and how the sidewinder behaves while riding it. Read more

First day with the fixie - Blog by Animesh Hazra

So the first things first. The bike is a stunner – before anything that impressed me, it was the bright colorful look of the bike that instantly grabbed my attention. On the city roads, this won’t be like any other bike that any other rider has been riding. These are designed to stand out and make heads turn. Read more

First commute to office… - Blog by Animesh Hazra

After riding around near my apartment for a couple of days, I felt confident enough to attempt office commute on the sidewinder. About 8kms one way with more climbs than slopes on the onwards journey. (I was soon to figure out that when on fixies, one should fear the slopes more than the climbs). Read more

Golconda fort ride… - Blog by Animesh Hazra

A good bike goes beyond being a medium of commute or a fitness machine. A good bike is something with which you can make great memories and find joy in the little things. Today’s ride with the sidewinder was around the Golconda fort with a couple of friends. Read more

Sidewinder Goes to Bidar

Wheels have fascinated me, be it cars, bikes or bicycles. During my college days I dreamt of building a factory that will make world class motorcycles. Somehow post college as I started working in software I felt that the dream died down. I still kept the passion alive by riding first a Royal Enfield Thunderbird and then a 1960's Willys Jeep.Read more