Birth of the astr


1. A powerful weapon that empowers you.
2. Ethnic and Indian.

astr comes from Indian mythology

Birth of astr - A bicycle story by Gokul and Krish

astr is born in Hyderabad, bred in Taiwan and tested for Indian conditions over two long years, making it truly a world-class Indian cycle.

While geared bikes enjoy a certain status, Krish and Gokul were taken in by fixies. Gokul’s love affair with minimalism got us thinking seriously about a stripped-down bike when we wanted to launch our own brand. We were sure to go back to basics and bring some exciting chromoly steel fixies to our brand. Gokul has lived the fixie life, ridden a vast array of them, on various commutes and we knew it was fixies; the simplicity of these bikes, the thin tubing, the ride quality of steel and challenge of riding a fixie. We were sold!

astr evolved from grueling rides by the two of us. We picked the brains of the best cycling minds across the globe, and poured over blueprints to modify aspects of conventional cycling, rode many prototypes. During one of his trips Gokul even carried a benchmark fixie to compare and contrast to arrive at the right bike. Then, we scoured the world to hand-pick parts for the astr, and finally, supervised the efforts at boutique workshops in Taiwan to shape this unique cycling brand.

The first offering from astr cycle brand is a thriller called sidewinder.